Shape Mags every child's favorite toy

Our love for Shape Mags goes deep. My kids can play with those things for HOURS!! and i'm not just saying that i mean it, once i bring those babies out I know ill have some free time. Some things they build are houses and garages for Zanes' cars. I've also seen them make a bridge and teepees. 

What are Shape Mags? I am glad you asked they are they new magnetic plastic tiles that come in different shapes and sizes. Shape Mags helps to prepare your child to be part of tomorrow’s  innovators and leaders. Hours of Shape Mag play means hours of building critical thinking and problem solving skills. Shape Mags encourages creativity and innovative thinking as your child’s brain develops. So pretty much a mom win in my book. 

AND guesssss what??! today is Prime Day and Guess what is going to be apart of that awesome sale? Yup thats right these awesome Shape Mags. For this deal you'll be able to get a 40 Piece set for a great price. SO its stocking up time. Like get one pack for every kid in your family and i bet they'll love you forEVA. 

Im not gonna lie I too play with these things with the kids. Like seriously where were they when i was 5. 

Okay so go get a box or 5 you wont regret it, promise.. now i am off to go pick those things up. 


this post is sponsored by ShapeMags but all thoughts on these are 100% my own.