A Simple Guide for Gifting

okay we all know there are hundreds of these out there but i wanted to share mine with you incase you needed a couple more ideas. i have three kiddos two girls 9, and almost 5 and then a 21 month old boy. so you can pretty much find something in a different age group for you kiddos. 

now I'm not big on getting them a bunch of things that will most likely end up donated by mid year. i like to do 4-5 gifts per child. this year we're also going to Disneyland the day after Chirstmas so ill probably let them choose a small thing there. now on to the guide. ill start with Zane and end with my oldest.  oh before i start we also like to go through all of the toys we already have to clean out whats broken and no longer being used . ill donate the good ones to a local shelter and trash the unusable ones. 

now Zane is into cars and pretty much anything that moves around so naturally anything with a car is a win at this age. i hope this guide helped you in some mayor you found something that you love on here. 

on to Keilyn, she will be five yes FIVE on the 20th of December which also means she will get more then enough gifts. we usually do one great gift for her birthday that we let her pick out. anyways back to Christmas. she's currently at the stage of loving barbies, cars, action figures, she pretty much doesn't see gender when it comes to toys so we can buy her anything and she will absolutely love it. 

Jazlyeen is 9 and a half. this year she stopped believing in Santa, which was a very hard pill for me to swallow i felt like she was no longer a little girl, like the magic of Christmas was gone. after we talked about it she decided to continue to believe and pretend for her siblings ( bless her sweet heart) she's into basic 9 year old girl things, barbies, board games, drawing, making, and reading. so here is a few ideas for her. 


seriously guys gift giving can become overwhelming my advice to you is to make a list and check it twice . i hope you found at least one item that you love.